About Us

Mount Olympus Pro Audio, LLC opened their doors in 1997 installing Commercial and Residential Audio/Video.  In 2001 installation and maintenance of Fire Station Alert Systems and Radios was added.

The name Mount Olympus Pro Audio was shortened to MOPA, LLC over the years and has remained a recognized and respected name in the Audio/Video Installation industry.

Today, MOPA, LLC is a well-established, full-service local Low Voltage Installation Company.  Providing 24-hour emergency support to contracted customers.  MOPA, LLC is proud to provide Installation, Sales and Service of:

       Fire Station Alert Systems (The system that notifies a fire station         there is a call from 911 Dispatch, not to be confused with Fire             Alarm Systems), 2-Way Radios and Equipment, Business IT                 Support, Public Safety IT Support, Network and Networking               Equipment, Security Cameras, Bi-Directional Amplifiers,                       Distributed Antenna Systems, Public Address Systems,                       Background Music Systems, Television Installs.

In 2019 MOPA, LLC and Emergency Training Group (ETG) have joined forces and formed a new company called Strategic Communications Solutions, LLC (SCS). We are excited about this new business and the opportunity to provide the same level of service our two companies have provided for years. SCS is located in our same office and will handle our Land Mobile Radio Division.

Our Commitments

MOPA’s most important consideration is to provide excellent products and service to customers and clients. MOPA and its employees are committed to provide service with integrity, and our actions will exceed customer’s expectation of quality, delivery and service.

Excellence in the provision of technical services to our customers.

Our Mission

Phone: (801)-542-0504

Fax: (801)-999-4292

Email: mopallc.com