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2-Way Radios for Public Safety 

       “First responders know exactly how their communications are supposed to work. Fire departments need a communications system that's reliable in the dense downtown area, in high-rise buildings with a lot of concrete and steel, and that operates well in the rural areas with varying terrains. The police department needs a system that functions reliably from portable radios in moving vehicles. A first responder system must accommodate both extremes."


         Radio is a lifeline, and for people who put their lives on the line every day, reliable communication is vital everywhere every               time." - International Association of Fire Chiefs


         MOPA currently maintains and works with fire and dispatch agencies in Utah to design, install, program, and maintain fire station alerting systems.  We offer sales, programming, and repair of two-way radios that will work within your jurisdiction and within Utah Communications Authority (UCA) compliance.

Contact us to see how we can help with your agency’s needs.


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